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A marketing analyst, Patrick Grey, is suddenly placed in the center of a human trafficking organization when they kidnap his son PJ. Patrick uses a new tool in police forensics, analytics, to try to find his son. This book is a pulsating page turner and recommended to fans of intelligent crime stories. The pace in the book is fast and even the analytics are easy to comprehend. The ending is very exciting. You will cheer for the hero, Patrick Grey. I rate the book Missing Values by Michael Grigsby 5 out of 5 stars. The stakes are always high in Missing Values and it races to an explosive conclusion.


Patrick Grey must rescue his son from human traffickers. Agent LaWanda Thompson teams up with him to find PJ before it's too late. Missing Values is a suspenseful thrill ride of a story told from two wildly divergent perspectives that meet in an explosive ending. In opposition to Patrick and LaWanda, the reader dives into the dirt, mire, and pure evil of the Red Rings through the perspective of Mabel, their chief agent, kidnapper, and 'recruiter' for special orders. It's a journey through dangerous and depraved places, populated with even more depraved people, and is not for either the faint of heart or the weak of stomach. In the end, Missing Values is a story of good versus evil, one where good has to get down in the muck to save as many as possible from an evil that almost drags them too deep to escape. Readers who enjoy bloody suspense and mysteries that make one question all the characters and their motivations will be riveted by every twist and turn in this pulse-pounding thriller.


In Missing Values, a marketing analyst must use his business acumen to infiltrate a notorious crime ring and rescue his kidnapped son. When Patrick links up with FBI agent LaWanda Thompson, the pair travel to Florida in the belief that a gang that has taken PJ plans to sell him as part of a human trafficking ring. Missing Values gives a fascinating view of the internal workings of a human trafficking organization. The stakes are always high in Missing Values and it races to an explosive conclusion.


The Bottom Line: A grisly, highly original crime thriller in which an unlikely hero wields data science to solve his son’s disappearance at the hands of human traffickers.


A horrific kidnapping forces reckonings on the subjects of human violence and ethics in the perspective-driven thriller Missing Values. In Michael Grigsby’s moralistic thriller Missing Values, people with hazy ethical codes explore what it means to be evil—or to do good. A son is kidnapped, forcing a father to push past his moral boundaries. Patrick becomes determined to rescue his son from harm. He teams up with FBI agent LaWanda, who is motivated by her own family experiences with human trafficking. Forced into unexpected, sometimes absurd situations for what they feel is the greater good, Patrick and LaWanda call their own values into question, asking what it means to be good or evil. The book establishes its varying stakes in quick succession. It builds tension via new discoveries of what human beings are capable of. Stories of trauma, cycles of abuse, instances of corruption, and thoughts about human nature versus nurture are explored alongside gruesome accounts of brutality. In the ultra-exciting ending, the book gives a hyper-realistic view into human depravity and the consequences of trauma, human trafficking, and sexual abuse.


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I've worked in the corporate world of marketing analytics for over 20 years. My PhD is in marketing science (and no, that is NOT an oxymoron). I've published two non-fiction books, Marketing Analytics and Advanced Customer Analytics. Marketing Analytics has also been translated into Chinese and Polish (yes, Polish.) I used those texts in teaching my graduate school classes.