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Reviews for Segment of One

The novel’s premise is intriguing, and its characters shine. Holly is a delightfully realistic pre-teen. David and Sol, with their perverse obsessions, prove worthy foils for her. Nick fluently guides readers through the novel’s theoretical underpinnings and provides some welcome comic relief.


Grigsby’s thriller features a unique setup that uses marketing analytics as an investigative tool and features a face-off between math and statistics.


Segment of One is a gripping, high-stakes novel in which marketing analyses and science could be used to stop serial killers. The novel moves with speed, satisfying its audience with its developments and delivering action, suspense, and intrigue.


About the Author

As far as I know, Segment of One is the only novel to suggest marketing analytics as an aid in criminal forensics.

I've worked in the corporate world of marketing analytics for over 20 years. My PhD is in marketing science (and no, that is NOT an oxymoron). I've published two non-fiction books, Marketing Analytics and Advanced Customer Analytics. Marketing Analytics has also been translated into Chinese and Polish (yes, Polish.) I used those texts in teaching my graduate school classes.

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